Ready to get your customize game on Spartan? Halo 4 is offering some snazzy armor and gun skins that are customizable for pre-ordering Halo 4 at their respective retailers.
First off, pre-ordering from the Microsoft Store will net you a customizable “Pulse” armor skin. Gamestop pre-orders will receive the “Forest” armor skin. EB Canada will outfit you the same “Forest” armor but with an additional artic camo-styled Battle Rifle. Best Buy will reward players with the “Venator Raptor” exclusive multiplayer armor design. Amazon will get the “Web” armor skin while Play in the UK equips Master Chief with the “Deadeye” helmet skin. Lastly, Mightey Ape New Zealand will score players both the “Locust” helmet, “Venator Raptor” armor and “Pulse” armor.
If you haven’t yet, also make sure to check out the Halo 4 Limited Edition.
Check out the armor skins below and click on the retailer name to pre-order.
Halo 4 Customizable Pulse Armor Skin. (See Mighty Ape below.)
Where will you be pre-ordering Halo 4 at? Let us know in the comment section below!